The unique Klem panel connector – a simple system offering limitless possibilities for education, fairs, and exhibition stand construction!

Round seal: Klem, the original since 1969

Only we have the original Klem!

Klem is the patented, multiple award-winning panel connector. The Klem system of connectors and lights has been in use worldwide for more than 50 years – for movable walls, exhibition stands, and creative structures. It is the solution of choice for education, fairs, museums, and exhibition stand construction!

Panels with Plexiglas attachment connected with the Klem system
Panels with Klem connectors
Column-shaped partition wall, consisting of large and small walls, connected with Klem panel connectors
Pedestal with glass display case held together by Klem panel connectors
Seating group for the office or meeting rooms
Partitions with an X-insert made of Plexiglas
Cone-shaped partitions that widen from bottom to top
Desk and stool attached with the panel connector
Panels set up in a zig-zag formation, connected with Klem connectors
Group of boys held together as a partition wall with the Klem connector


Flexible. Aesthetic. Innovative

Connect panels with thicknesses from 2 to 19 mm (1/8" to 3/4") at any angle from 90° to 270°. This straightforward principle of our connector lets you create unique constructions for a wide range of applications!

  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Universal
  • Educational institutions
  • Fairs
  • Exhibition stand construction

How the panel connector works

Assemble, connect, fasten!

Are you tired of dealing with complicated panel connectors? Are you frustrated with using a different connector for every connection type? Do you find it difficult to use them, only to end up with a rickety mess?

One panel connector for everything

With Klem, you have a single connector type for various panel thicknesses and angles. All you need is one or two people to help, an Allen key for each of them, and a bit of time for assembly.

Enjoy surprisingly sturdy and flexible structures!

More about how Klem works

Structure of the Klem connector from above
Collage of different partitions, built with Klem panel connectors

Limitless possibilities

The Klem connector in action

In educational institutions
At school, at preschool, or at the university: Flexibility is the key to success for exhibitions and information events. Build movable walls, room dividers, and pedestals with Klem – in different arrangements to suit any event!

In exhibitions, museums and galleries
New concepts demand flexible walls, spaces, and dividers. Plus, with our panel connector, you can build pedestals, columns, display cases, and custom structures easily, and modify them as many times as needed!

In trade fair construction
The Klem connector revolutionized exhibition stand construction! Create separate spaces, areas for meetings, and structures that attract attention. Add counters, a reception desk, and seating areas to your exhibition stand!

The inventor of the Klem panel connector: Theodor Puschkarski

"The Klem principle is so simple, yet its possibilities are endless. That’s what makes the Klem connector so special."

Theodor Puschkarski – the inventor

Buy panel connectors online

The Klem connector is the absolute top seller

Our panel connector is an innovative tool with countless applications across all industries. Customers emphasize its flexibility and ease of use, quality, and the variety of structures that can be realized.

Basic Klem connector set 20pcs.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €11.95*

Klem insert set 20pcs.
Panel thickness: 10 mm

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €4.60*

Klem Mini basic set 20pcs.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €8.60*

Klem Mini insert set 20pcs.

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Klem floor leveling unit 20pcs.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €18.85*

Klem caster unit 20pcs.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €24.80*

Klem wall bracket 20pcs.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €18.85*

Exhibition in the Dominican monastery Koridor with movable walls and Klem lights

Impressive references

Experience the possibilities of the Klem panel connector

Are you interested in unique projects created by our customers over the years using the Klem connector, Klem lights, and various panels and materials?

More than 3.5 million Klem connectors have been sold around the world to date and used to realize the most extraordinary projects. Would you like to see the versatility of our panel connector for yourself?

Our references

Your solution for flexible room design

The Klem connector - endless possibilities! 

The video shows an exhibition stand realized with stable panels and our panel connectors - including partitions and showcases. Easy to assemble, transport and reassemble in different configurations. Klem is flexible in many areas and can be used (differently) again and again! 

Let your imagination run wild: partition walls, partitions and room dividers are just the beginning. Platforms, reception counters and seating areas are also possible. And think of showcases, furniture, creative constructions and much more!

Rendering of an exhibition stand realized with the Klem system
Structure of all parts contained in the Klem jubilee box


Our jubilee box to get acquainted!

See just how flexible, aesthetic, and innovative the Klem panel connector is, even 50 years after it was invented!

Our new sample box includes a Klem connector, Klem Mini with matching insert set, and some panel samples for you to try.

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