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Museum of Modern Art

The Klem panel connector was included in the permanent collection for Industrial Design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), New York, N. Y. in 1970.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most important and influential collections of modern and timeless art in the world.

The collection includes works from architecture, design, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, illustrations, films, and electronic media. The exhibit includes design objects used in everyday life.

Austrian State Price

The Austrian State Price was conferred on the Klem connector system in 1980. The KlemLite halogen light also won this award in 1987.

Austrian State Price for Design

In the Republic of Austria, a State Price (national award) is understood to be a national distinction which includes a financial award and which is issued by a federal government department.

In addition to orders of merit and honorary titles, national awards are among the most important awards in Austria.

Busse Award

The Klem connector was distinguished with the Busse Longlife Design Award in 2005.

Busse Longlife Design Award

This prize is awarded every three years to a designer product which has succeeded in the market for over eight years. The products must be of high quality with regard to form, function, and ergonomics and the look, feel, and design of the form must have remained the same throughout the years.

Patents Germany

  • DE000001933378A from 1970:
    Connecting element to join two panels.
  • DE000003613574C2 from 1989:
    Connecting element to join two panels at a freely
    selectable angle to each other.

Compared to competitors, the unique advantage is found in the captive dual inserts made of synthetic rubber which suction onto the panel surface under pressure and therefore create a secure connection.

Patents USA

  • US000004821382A from 1989:
    Fastening Element for the connection together of two sheet members.

Clipping of the patent specification USA

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