Klem – the universal panel connector

Original Klem connector plus Klem Mini connector

A single connector. In two sizes. For ten panel thicknesses. And four tube diameters. With the captive, patented duo rollers. The unique, patented Klem system!

Classic for over 40 years

The universal panel connector Klem® resulted from a student project at the Vienna University of Technology. Patented and distinguished with design prizes, today Klem is the key to exciting, extraordinary, and yet extremely economical structures at trade shows and exhibits.

Klem is suitable for trade show setups, construction of exhibits, and retail store setup. But also for the construction of displays, furniture, and any sort of creative structures. Allow yourself to be inspired by the unique functionality and many possibilities!


Klem is used to connect panels ranging in thickness from 2 to 19 mm at angles which are continuously variable from 90°- 270°.

Assembly information

Install a loosely screwed together Klem connector and fix it in place with the centered screw.

Klem product line

Use panels, tubes, and other materials and connect them in innovative ways!

Sample setups

Use Klem to create infinitely versatile structures for any purpose. Discover more!


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A panel connector is used to connect sheets, panels, or profiles with one another. As is the case with the Klem panel connector, the connection is typically made by pressing two strong clamping jaws together. This is achieved via a through bolt between the connector jaws, allowing for easy assembly and extremely simple handling.

The panel connector acts as the actual connecting element between the panels, which are not damaged and as a rule also don't need to have any holes drilled. The clamped connection can be released and opened again as often as you want, but is also astoundingly strong.


There are connection systems which contain several different types of panel connectors. But with Klem, one universal panel connector is used. It is suitable for connecting different thicknesses of panels and pipes together at any angles. This allows for a lot of creative leeway in designing stable structures and flexible room systems.

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