Installation information for building with klem

Panels + Connector

Your structure consists of wall panels and the corresponding number of Klem connectors. The panels can consist of any material in any shape – inherent rigidity and smooth, hard edges are the only requirements. Only two persons are needed to build a structure.

Connect + Tighten

The panels are positioned at the desired angles to each other according to the plan. Now you push a Klem® connector with the screw connection loosened onto the edges from the top and move it to the lowest position. The remaining connectors follow at a maximum distance of 90 cm between connectors. Tighten the connectors using the central screw.

Construction with Panels

Panels out of any stiff material, price, and thickness can be used for the structures. Anything is possible for panel thicknesses from 2 to 19 mm.

Use wood, glass, plastic, composite panels, rigid foam panels, Plexiglas, resin panels, plywood, particle board, PVC, cardboard, natural materials, etc.

Constructing with Tubes

Pipes or bars can also be connected safely and securely with Klem connectors.

  • Corresponding natural rubber inserts are available for 13 mm (Klem) and 20 mm (Klem Mini) tube diameters.
  • The panel connector is used without inserts for 25 to 27 mm (Klem) and 15 to 17 mm (Klem Mini).

Sharp angles possible for thin panels

Less than 90°

Corner angles of 60° are possible for panels with a thickness of 10 mm or less - for three-sided prisms. This is also possible using Mini-Klem with panel thicknesses of 4 mm and less.

Seamless assembly of panels with Klem

Seamless assembly

"Seamless walls", meaning wall surfaces without seams or gaps, can be created using suitable cutouts in the panels. Make note of the internal clearance required for using Klem.

The front side can always look smart

The front side always looks smart

You can choose to screw the Klem connectors together with the screw and counter nut from the front or from the back. Thus the screw always protrudes from the hidden side of the connector.

Using two front jaws of the Klem connector

Front and back

For straight walls (angle of 180°), you can also use two Klem front jaws. So your wall is equally presentable from the front and the back.

Use of a rubber floor slider

Rubber floor slider

If your panels are delicate, you can glue half of a duo roller to the bottom as "dampening". Or you can use the Klem floor slider as an alternative.

Connecting panels of various thicknesses

Various thicknesses

You can switch from thick to thin panels by cutting two duo rollers for the corresponding panel thicknesses apart and inserting the different roller thicknesses into a Klem connector.

Connecting tubes with Klem

Tubes and panels

You can also connect tubes or rods with one another or with panels!

A natural rubber insert is available for Klem for tube diameters of 20 mm ± 1 mm (Klem Mini: 13 mm ± 1 mm).

The Klem fits tubes with a diameter of 25 mm without a natural rubber insert (Klem Mini: 20 mm).

Clearence for Klem connectors

Clearance for Klem

Gaps are created between the panels when they are connected with Klem:

A = Clearance at 90°

  • for 10 mm thick panel = 17 mm
  • for 12 mm thick panel = 14 mm
  • for 16 mm thick panel = 12 mm
  • for 19 mm thick panel = 10 mm

B = Clearance at 180°

  • for all panel thicknesses = 18 mm

Clearence for Klem connectors

Clearance for Klem Mini

Gaps are created between the panels when they are connected with Klem Mini:

A = Clearance at 90°

  • for 2 mm thick panel = 14 mm
  • for 4 mm thick panel = 13 mm
  • for 6 mm thick panel = 12 mm
  • for 8 mm thick panel = 10 mm

B = Clearance at 180°

  • for all panel thicknesses = 14 mm

The lights

The Klem system includes three innovative arm lights you should look at!

Arm light Cielo XL

Arm light Cielo XL

Imago - high voltage halogen light

Picture light Imago

High voltage halogen light Paneo

Wall light Paneo

Get creative!

The possibilities are unlimited with the "building block logic" of the Klem system. For trade show setups during the design of exhibits, interior design of offices or business spaces, or for private use!

Also take a look at our references!

Nine dishes connected by Klem Mini connectors

A work of art made from plates using Klem-Mini connectors.

Artwork from toast bread and Klem connectors

A work of art made from toast and Klem connectors.

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