How Klem works

Endless Possibilities

Use Klem® to connect panels ranging in thickness from 2 to 19 mm at angles which are continuously variable from 90° - 270°.

This allows you to easily create straight, curved, or folded wall sections, prisms, cubes, pyramids, domes, or combined shapes. Build cross connections, T connections, panel/panel connections - including connecting plates of different thickness. Panel/tube connections also offer endless possibilities.


Made from solid metal

The jaws of the Klem connector are made from solid metal (zinc die cast) and are matte nickel plated. They are practically indestructible and hold even heavy panels together safely.

With strong steel screws

The front and back jaws of the panel connector are held together with high quality cylinder head screws with counter nuts. The only assembly tools you require are a size 5 or size 3 Allen wrench.

Natural rubber retainers

The patented Klem duo rollers are made from natural rubber. They are non-slip and virtually suction themselves onto the panels. You can even connect glass, delicate materials, and panels with structured surfaces together without a problem.

Special colors

Upon request, Klem connectors are also available in RAL colors or chromed. Please contact us directly.

Continuously adjustable

The continuously adjustable range between a straight and a right angle is shown below. Loosen the Klem connector, install it, turn it to the desired angle, and fix it in place with the centered Allen head screw. Done!

Klem adjustment sequence

Klem adjustment sequence

Klem adjustment sequence

Klem adjustment sequence

Klem adjustment sequence

Klem adjustment sequence

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