Klem und Klemetric – was ist der Unterschied?

The Panel Connector

"Klemetric" is merely another common name for the proven Klem Panel Connector!

Regardless of whether you mean the large, classic Klemetric Connector (Klem Connector), or his smaller brother, the Klemetric Mini (Klem Mini)!

In the beginning there was Klem

The first panel connector developed by Theodor Puschkarski in 1969 was called "Klem". The connector was registered in all patent specifications under the Klem® brand. But this original Klem Connector isn't even sold anymore, since it was replaced with an improved version in 1989 – the Klemetric Connector!

Klemetric, the improved Klem Connector

The improved version of the panel connector was called "Klemetric". This connector was also patented and registered under the Klemetric® brand. The Klemetric design corresponds to the connectors which are still available today.

But what is different about Klemetric?

  1. The natural rubber duo rollers on the Klemetric are connected with a small link. As a result, they are retained in the panel connector when it is opened and aren't lost.
  2. The shape of the Klemetric metal jaws was designed to be a bit more egg-shaped and nest-shaped so that the rollers can be guided more smoothly.
  3. The Klemetric surfaces were upgraded from matte brushed aluminum to ZAMAC matte nickle-plated and now have the same high quality and long-life finish such as bathroom fittings, for example.

Now everything is back to Klem

When the product was brought back in 2009, it was decided to sell the panel connector under the original brand name "Klem Panel Connector". The Klemetric brand which had lapsed in the interim was re-registered by us in February 2013 and is now owned by the inventor once more.

Thus Klem = Klemetric. The connector from the inventor.

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