The Klem product line

The classic Klem connector

The Klem connector is the key element of the entire Klem system. The classic Klem is designed for large panels and trade show walls. These can be set up easily by two people thanks to the unique Klem functionality.

Build with Klem and get creative. Use any types of panels, tubes, and other materials and connect them in innovative ways!


The Klem Mini

The Klem Mini is the "little brother" of the Klem connector. It is about 2/3 as large.

This makes it suitable for small panel thicknesses, for example those found in display cabinets and small structures.


The castor unit

The castors can be used to easily move partitions and small structures. The parking brake prevents unintentional movement.


  • It is height adjustable to compensate for uneven spots on the floor.
  • Partitions and other structures can be rolled aside and secured in place with the parking brake.

The wall bracket

You can anchor your structures to the wall with the special wall brackets.

  • The wall bracket features an integrated ball-and-socket joint in the base so you can compensate for small angle errors.
  • The wall bracket is installed permanently on the wall with two screws and anchors.

The floor Levelling unit

Use the floor leveling unit if the panels should not rest directly on the floor. It is made from strong plastic and can be covered with felt upon request.


  • It is height adjustable to compensate for uneven spots on the floor.
  • Damage to the panel edges during cleaning of the room is prevented by the offset to the floor.

The lights

Use the arm lights developed by us in order to obtain a system with unbeatable flexibility for trade shows and exhibits! Or for your exhibit or private picture gallery.

Our three high voltage halogen lights are of timeless elegance, feature a well thought-out design, and are extremely durable.

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