Klem insert set 20pcs.

These innovative silicone inserts are the key element for sturdy panel connections.


Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €4.60*

Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Panel thickness
Product number: 7032.3419
Weight: 0.700 kg

Insert sets for the Klem connector

Silicone inserts in 20-pack - for use with the "large" Klem panel connector.

The insert sets are available in 6 different sizes, matching the respective panel thickness: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm or 19 mm. Each insert set is precisely tailored to the original Klem panel connector.

Strong connection even for delicate materials

The Klem insert sets made of top-quality silicone provide security and stability. These inserts positively cling to the panel surface, creating a very strong connection.

One of the silicone inserts’ outstanding features is that they do not damage the panels – no drilling or screw connections required. This means they can be used even with very delicate materials.

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