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Klem arm lights halogen

The light head is identical for all lights: The light fixture is clamped on and can be turned easily in the transverse and lateral directions for optimal lighting. The only difference between the 3 lights is in the wall brackets.

We offer the high-voltage arm light in a material and surface which matches the Klem connectors.

These lights are operated without transformer at a nominal voltage of 220 V and have an output comparable to that of the common but approximately twice as expensive low voltage lights. The lamps with bayonet closure are also a lot more robust.

The lights are equally well suited to wall lighting and picture lighting. Naturally, all of our arm lights can also be purchased and used independently of the Klem connector system.

Arm light Cielo XL

Cielo XL

The high voltage halogen arm light with pressure plates for all panel thicknesses.

Imago -  high voltage picture light


The high voltage picture light with built-in picture hook.

High voltage halogen light Paneo


The high voltage halogen wall light with hidden panel bracket.

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