Klem Mini caster unit 20 pcs.

The special caster lets you create structures that are easy to move and then secure again.


Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €19.95*

Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Product number: 1741.1700
Weight: 3.430 kg

Klem Mini caster unit

Steering caster, package of 20 – for use with the Klem Mini panel connector.

The caster unit is indispensable for creating flexible, mobile panel structures.

Each caster unit comprises

  • High-quality, soft caster in black
  • Height-adjustable for optimal leveling
  • Equipped with a practical holding brake
  • Allen head screw 6 x 40 with M6 nut
  • Precision-milled aluminum insert with drill hole (metal cylinder)
  • 2 metal jaws of the Klem Mini connector
  • 2 offset Allen keys size 3

Important notice

For each caster, you also need a half insert set tailored to the thickness of the panel being connected. Only by using the metal jaws and dual inserts together can the desired stability be obtained

You can use standard inserts as well: Simply cut an insert set in the middle. Place one of resulting the halves in one side of the Klem connector. Place the supplied metal cylinder of the caster in the opposite side of the connector.

Caster unit for Klem Mini structures

With the caster, Klem Mini structures such as presentation elements or displays can be moved easily without a lot of effort. This is useful when you have to move installations frequently, for instance in galleries, at trade fairs, or in educational institutions. Simply move your structures from one location to another without having to take them apart.

The caster unit gives you great room design flexibility as well. You can keep repositioning your structures without being tied down. With its robust design and premium casters, the caster unit withstands great strain as well.

The caster is also advantageous for assembly and disassembly: Being able to move your structures saves time and effort during setup and removal.