Klem Mini floor leveling unit

The floor leveling unit is indispensable on uneven floors and also protects against damage and soiling.


Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €13.60*

Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Product number: 1741.0700
Weight: 1.87 kg

Klem Mini floor leveling unit

Floor leveling unit, package of 20 – for use with the Klem Mini panel connector.

Compensate for uneven floors and protect your panel structures by using the floor leveling unit.

Each floor leveling unit comprises

  • Robust plastic floor glides
  • Allen head screw 6 x 40 with M6 nut
  • Height adjustment up to 13 mm for perfect leveling
  • Precision-milled aluminum insert with drill hole (metal cylinder)
  • 2 metal jaws of the Klem Mini connector
  • 2 offset Allen keys size 3

Important notice

For each floor leveling unit, you also need a half insert set tailored to the thickness of the panel being connected. The floor leveling unit cannot be used without the insert.

You can use regular insert sets as well: Simply cut one of the silicone inserts in the middle. Place one of the resulting halves in one side of the Klem connector. Place the supplied metal cylinder of the floor leveling unit in the opposite side of the connector.

Floor leveling unit on uneven floors

Especially useful on uneven floors, since you can adjust your panel structures vertically, ensuring the security and stability of your installations – regardless of the floor conditions. This is advantageous, for example, in historic buildings where floors are often uneven. You can ensure that your art installations, exhibition stands, or school projects are consistently presented to their best advantage.

Floor leveling unit against damage and soiling

Aesthetics also play a role. Since there are gaps between the panels, it looks better if they are raised slightly off the floor as well. The floor leveling units also protect the bottom panel edges against damage and soiling. What’s more, they protect delicate flooring from damage that could occur while moving your structure.

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