Klem Mini half insert set 20 pcs.

Silicone half inserts for use especially with the floor leveling unit, caster, and wall bracket.


Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €1.55*

Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Panel thickness
Product number: 7032.1908
Weight: 0.100 kg

Klem Mini half insert set

Silicone inserts, package of 20 – for use with the Klem Mini panel connector.

The half insert sets are available in 4 different sizes, matching the respective panel thickness: 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, or 8 mm. Each insert set is precisely tailored to the Klem Mini.

Tailored to our accessories

This special insert set with half inserts was designed especially for use with our floor leveling unit, caster and wall bracket. Choose the insert sets according to the panel thickness you want to use. All silicone inserts from 2 to 8 mm offered here are designed for the Klem Mini.

Tip for use with accessories

You can also use these three products with regular insert sets. All you need is a silicone insert that you cut in half. Place one of the resulting insert halves in one side of the Klem Mini element and the metal cylinder in the other side.

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