Klem wall bracket 20pcs.

Use the special Klem wall bracket to firmly anchor your structures to walls, providing stability.


Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €18.85*

Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Product number: 1341.2300
Weight: 4.740 kg

Klem wall bracket

Wall bracket, package of 20, for use with the original “large” Klem connector.

Secure your panel connections to the wall for greater stability and security.

Each wall bracket element comprises

  • Plastic wall bracket with 2 drill holes
  • Ball joint to compensate for uneven walls
  • Screw 6 x 40 with nut M6
  • Precision-milled aluminum insert with drill hole (metal cylinder)
  • 2 metal jaws of the large Klem connector
  • Allen key size 5

Important notice

Half an insert set  for the respective panel thickness is also needed for each wall bracket. The wall bracket cannot be used without this silicone insert. Only the combination of metal jaws and the insert set makes stable structures possible.

You can use regular silicone inserts as well: Simply cut the insert set in the middle. Place one of the resulting halves in one side of the Klem connector. Place the supplied metal cylinder of the wall bracket in the opposite side of the connector. This assembly solution provides a straightforward yet very secure attachment of your panels or tubes to a wall.

Wall bracket for Klem structures

Take Klem to new heights with this wall bracket.

  • Versatility and flexibility The wall bracket lets you mount your structures vertically on walls. This opens up entirely new possibilities for your installations. You can create room dividers, shelves, or art installations attached directly to the wall for optimal use of the available space.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to the precision-milled components and included Allen keys, installation of the wall bracket is simple. You can attach your structures to the wall quickly and easily, and redesign them as desired.
  • Adaptable: The ball joint included in the set lets you perfectly align the wall bracket on uneven wall as well. Nothing stands in the way of your installation, even in older buildings or on irregular surfaces.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Installation on the wall makes your structures appear as though they are floating, seamlessly integrating into the room design. You can also use the wall brackets to lend a personal touch to your rooms, for example, by creating unique wall decorations or shelving systems.
  • Space-saving: Efficiently extend your Klem Mini connectors vertically with the wall bracket, optimizing the use of the available space. This is particularly convenient in small rooms or areas where the floor space is needed for other purposes.

Thus the wall bracket for the Klem Mini connector not only offers added flexibility and adaptability, it also gives you more installation options and optimizes the use of the available space.

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