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Are you interested in the projects that customers around the world have created with the Klem connector, Klem lights and a wide variety of panels and materials? Let us impress you with our panel connector!

Exhibition at the University of Kassel

The exhibition at the University of Kassel was realized by the Department 06, Architecture - Urban Planning - Landscape Planning. 60 KLem connectors hold the stable partition walls made of wood composite panels together.

The partition walls are restrained in favor of the exhibits and the minimalist architecture of the exhibition space. The exact arrangement of the movable walls was decided flexibly on site and readjusted several times. The constructions of composite panels and Klem connectors are extremely stable and can be reused in completely different combinations for further exhibitions at the university.

Many thanks for the photographs to Benjamin Zweig Architektur-Fotografie!

Ausstellung Uni Kassel - Ansicht frontal von den Platten und den Klem-Verbindern
Ausstellung Uni Kassel -  Vogelperspektive einer Ausstellungswand in Zick-Zack-Aufstellung, zusammen gehlaten durch Klem-Verbinder
Ausstellung Uni Kassel -  Zwei Klem Plattenverbinder in Nahaufnahme, wie diese drei Stellwände zusammenfügen
Ausstellung Uni Kassel -  Ansicht des Raumes mit diversen Stellwänden, die mit dem Klem-Verbinder verbunden sind

Cooperation with Lego® Regional Office Greece

LEGO Regional Office Greece is exhibiting two life-size LEGO 3D models of famous athletes in front of its stores in Greece: at the Golden Hall Mall in Athens and at Athens International Airport

The challenge was to provide an unobstructed view of the exhibits while still ensuring maximum protection. The LEGO regional office opted for a partition made of safety glass, which was realized with the help of Klem connectors and Klem floor glides - absolutely stable and visually very appealing.

Exhibition in the Vienna State Opera

This comprehensive exhibition of the Vienna State Opera with 120 wall panels for the anniversary "150 years of the Vienna State Opera" in 2019 was designed in the large intermission foyer as a comprehensive review of the history of the opera. The choice for the movable walls fell on the Klem connector in combination with stable panels. This allowed for a solution that was precisely tailored to the exhibition space, with a high-quality appearance but visually restrained. In addition, the panels and connectors can be reused with maximum flexibility for future exhibitions.

Exhibition at the Dominican Monastery in Vienna

Frater Adam Rokosz OP is an internationally renowned photographer and presented his exhibition "Time and Place" in the cloister of the  Vienna Dominican Monastery in 2016. A visually reduced solution was sought for the movable walls, which nevertheless formed a modern contrast to the historic rooms of the monastery. With the Klem connector and the use of the distinctive Klem luminaires, a very flexible solution was found that gave the exhibits a high-quality setting.

Austellung im Dominikanerkloster Stellwände in frontealer Ansicht mit Klem-Verbindern und -Leuchten
Austellung im Dominikanerkloster Koridor mit Stellwänden und Beleuchtung
Austellung im Dominikanerkloster  Stellwände mit aufgehängten Bildern und Beuleuchtung durch Klem-Leuchten
Austellung im Dominikanerkloster  Stellwände mit Klem-verbindern im Gang

Designer fair DOS Ljubljana

The Klem connector was used in 2016 at Društvo oblikovalcev Slovenije (DOS),  an art and designer fair under the title "Images of Time" at the Ivan Cankar Ljubljana Cultural Center. Long movable walls were realized (photos: Franci Virant), which perfectly adapted to the space and the individual exhibits. The flexible structures made it possible to create a wide variety of "spaces within spaces", visual axes and islands. This helped to perfectly structure the extensive exhibition in the rooms of the cultural center.

Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Großer Messerraum mit Stellwänden und Kunstexponaten
Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Ansicht der Stellwände von Nahem
Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Ansicht der Stellwände, die durch den Klem-Verbinder in Bogenform angeordnet wurden
Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Ansicht eines Kunstexponates und im Hintergrund die Stellwände
Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Messeraum mit Austellungsstücken und Messewänden
Dos Designermesse in Ljubljana -  Ansicht der Stellwände im Messeraum

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Convince yourself of the possibilities of the Klem panel connector. With Klem, you have a great deal of design freedom when building stable structures and flexible room systems.

Exhibition in the district office Freising

The partition walls of an exhibition about organic products were created with the help of the Klem system and staged with IMAGO lights.
Landratsamt Freising Nahaufnahme von der Klem-Leuchte
Landratsamt Freising Stellwände von der Seite mit Ablagemöglichkeit
Landratsamt Freising Stellwände in Zick-Zack-Form

Camerimage Film Art Festival, Poland

Cameramen and cinematographers in particular were honored for their work at the Camerimage Festival 2008.

Filmkunstfestival Camerimage frontale Ansicht des Raumes mit  Stellwänden im Halbkreis
Filmkunstfestival Camerimage linke Seite des Raumes mit kleiner werdenden Stellwänden
Filmkunstfestival Camerimage rechte Seite des Raumes mit Stellwänden

Exhibition in the Vienna Hofburg

Use of the innovative halogen luminaire IMAGO in an exhibition about oriental carpets in the Vienna Hofburg.

Wiener Hofburg Ausstellung raummit Stellwänden und Palme in der Mitte
Wiener Hofburg Ausstellung Stellwände mit Klem-Verbindern und Klem Leuchten
Wiener Hofburg Ausstellung frontale Sicht auf Stellwänder und Klem Leuchten

BMW Showroom Vienna

The room divider of the BMW showroom in Vienna was realized with the help of the Klem connector system.

BMW Showroom von außen
BMW Showroom ansicht einer Art Lounge mit Glastrennwände  gehalten durch Klem-Verbindern
BMW Showroom Glastrennwände  gehalten durch Klem-Verbindern

Exhibition LDK

A portrait exhibition used movable walls with Klem connectors and a lighting concept based on the Klem luminaire IMAGO.

Portraitausstellung LDK Stellwände mit Portraits und Besuchern
Portraitausstellung LDK mit Ausleuchtung der Imago-Klem-Leuchten
Portraitausstellung LDK mit Klem-verbindern

Camerimage 2005

At the film festival in Poland an exhibition part was realized with the use of Klem connectors.

Trade fairs and exhibitions in Asia

A reference for the international use of the Klem: Various movable walls at the Etoo Expo in South Korea.

Messe Südkorea - Korridor mit Stellwänden aus verschiedenen Materialien verbunden mit dem Klem-Verbinder
Messe Südkorea - Nahaufnahme der Platten und Verbinder mit Leuchten

Elaborate exhibition stand

A dental technology company presents itself with an exhibition stand completely designed with the help of Klem connectors.

aufwändig gebauter Messestand eines Dentaltechnik-Unternehmens mit Platten in verschiedenen Formen, Größen und Materialien
aufwändig gebauter Messestand eines Dentaltechnik-Unternehmens - Ansicht von Innen mit Glasplatten und dem Klem-Verbinder
aufwändig gebauter Messestand eines Dentaltechnik-Unternehmens - Ansicht von außen mit einer Tür und Fenster - zusammengehalten durch Klem-Verbinder
Kollage von verschiedenen Austellungsräumen in denen man Stellwände und den Klem-Verbinder sieht

Infinite possibilities

The Klem connector in use

In educational institutions
At school, in the kindergarten, or at the university: Flexibility is the key to success for exhibitions and information events. Build movable walls, room dividers, and pedestals with Klem – in different arrangements to suit any event!

In exhibitions
New concepts require flexible walls, areas, subdivisions and even more: With the help of the Klem connector, you can realize pedestals, columns, showcases and individual constructions - flexible and always changeable!

In trade fair construction
The Klem connector has revolutionized tradeshow booth construction! Build segregated areas, meeting areas and sensational constructions. Equip your booth with counters, reception desks and seating areas!

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The Klem panel connector offers endless possibilities when building stable structures and flexible room systems in schools and universities, in museums and galleries, and in trade fair construction.