Foyer of a university with students in seating areas

More than just movable walls and partitions in academic education with the Klem panel connector!

Discover how the Klem connector can revolutionize room design in academic institutions - beyond flexible partitions and modular partitions! Use the Klem system to create inspiring and dynamic learning and research environments that motivate students, teachers and researchers every day.

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Do you know this from your university?

  1. Setting up partitions, partition walls and information displays for conferences, workshops and exhibitions is often complicated and time-consuming?
  2. Does your institution need flexible solutions to quickly and easily create learning, working and research areas for different event formats?
  3. Are you looking for a way to make rooms multifunctional and adaptable without compromising on quality and professionalism?
  4. Is it a challenge to organize the available space in such a way that it promotes both creativity and concentration among students and researchers?

Design versatile partition walls, partitions and information displays

The Klem panel connector opens up unlimited possibilities that go far beyond partitions and partitions. Use Klem to rethink academic learning and research environments!

The flexible system enables staff, lecturers and event organizers to design rooms in a time-saving and efficient way. Ideal for conferences, workshops, poster presentations, research exhibitions or quiet workspaces.

On this page, discover specific applications for the panel connector that meet the needs of your academic institution and see for yourself the versatile benefits of our universal talent.

Klem is your robust and flexible solution to transform everyday academic teaching and create inspiring spaces - be it for interactive learning stations, creative research areas or modular zones at events.

Get to know the Klem connector

Assembly example of two Klem panel connectors holding three panels together
Collage of different partitions, built with Klem panel connectors

What is a panel connector?

A panel connector is a tool that firmly and securely connects two or more panels made of different materials. It is a basic element for creating structures or defining spaces. The Klem panel connector is characterized by its simple functionality: By screwing together two resistant clamping jaws, the panels are held together securely without damage or drilling. This method guarantees quick assembly and easy handling, making it an ideal tool for students, teachers and technical staff.

This simple assembly makes the Klem ideal for versatile use in academic environments. It is reusable, durable and a practical solution for flexible room designs and projects.

Start your university project with Klem!

Customer testimonials from those responsible at universities and colleges

"We have used the Klem panel connectors in our architecture department. They are a revelation for displaying student projects and models. The ease with which we can customize display areas has revolutionized our teaching methods. This makes it easier to organize workshops and reviews."  

Prof. Dr. Elena W.
University of Stuttgart

"For our exhibitions, we were looking for a solution that was as flexible as it was aesthetic. We found exactly that with Klem. We were impressed by the ability to reconfigure rooms quickly and without tools. Everyone is fascinated by the many possible uses of Klem connections."

Dr. Maria Schreiber,
University of Applied Arts Vienna

"The Klem panel connectors are a game changer for the organization of our hackathons and workshops. Quick to set up and take down for any event, stable and versatile - this supports the creative and dynamic atmosphere we want to foster. With Klem, we will now also create individual learning and work stations that promote exchange and collaboration."

Lena Vogt, FH Dortmund, Department of Computer Science

The use of panel connectors in colleges and universities

The Klem connector is most commonly used for the construction of flexible partitions and partition walls. But let us inspire you how else Klem panel connectors can be used in your academic institution!

For exhibitions and presentations 

  • Flexible partition walls for temporary exhibition areas:
    Klem enables the quick assembly of flexible partition walls that are perfect for temporary exhibitions and can then be stored away again. For student projects, research results or art exhibitions.
  • Individual constructions, shelving walls and display cases for exhibitions:
    Use the Klem connector to create customized shelving walls and display cases for exhibits. These solutions not only provide a degree of protection and visibility for exhibits, but also the flexibility to rearrange presentations at any time. 
  • Pedestals for exhibitions and presentations:
    The Klem system can be used to build stable and attractive pedestals on which models, works of art or information material can be effectively presented in changing exhibitions.
  • Information displays for the campus:
    Use the Klem connector to create information and signpost displays that can be easily adapted. This allows you to flexibly provide students, teachers and visitors with important information.  
  • Modular exhibition stands for job fairs and university days:
    Design modular and customized exhibition stands for job fairs, university days or other events. Klem allows you to quickly build professional and inviting stands and counters suitable for showcasing your institution or degree programs. 

By using the Klem connector for exhibitions and presentations, academic institutions benefit from a flexible and aesthetically pleasing solution that can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

Room design and partitioning

  • Flexible design of seminar and lecture rooms
  • Partition walls for libraries to create separate areas
  • Information points, counters and desks at events
  • Room dividers in canteens and cafeterias for more privacy
  • Designing quiet zones and places of retreat on campus
  • Flexible privacy screen solutions for examination situations
  • Mobile privacy screens and room dividers for open spaces

Modular and mobile solutions

  • Mobile presentation walls for conferences and workshops
  • Modular workstations for laboratories and research facilities
  • Dynamic learning islands for interactive learning and group work
  • Temporary storage solutions for sports and leisure equipment

Creative applications

  • Creative installations and art projects at the university
  • Freely customizable backdrops for online lectures and webinars
  • Quick-change backdrops for performances and cultural events
  • Customizable equipment for photo studios and creative workshops
  • Construction of experimental spatial structures for architecture students

Why is the Klem connector so interesting for universities? Nine reasons for the Klem system! 

  • Flexibility: The Klem connector is exceptionally flexible in terms of room design. It facilitates the quick assembly, disassembly and reconfiguration of movable walls, partitions and other structures. This adaptability supports a variety of teaching and learning scenarios by allowing rooms to be reconfigured for different needs and teaching methods with minimal effort.
  • Simplicity: Assembly of the connectors is straightforward and can be done without special tools or expertise, making it easier to involve students in projects.
  • Versatility: Just one type of connector can be used to connect a wide range of materials and panel thicknesses for a variety of applications, from movable walls to podiums and individual pieces of furniture.
  • Mobility: By using roller elements, heavy structures can be moved easily, making it easier to reconfigure spaces for different events and purposes.
  • Stability: Despite their flexibility and ease of use, Klem connectors offer high stability and security for permanent or temporary installations in higher education.
  • Aesthetics: The minimalist and modern look of the Klem connector blends seamlessly into the design of academic facilities and supports appealing presentations, exhibitions and information.
  • Teaching tool: The Klem connector can be used as a practical teaching tool in engineering, design and architecture to teach students craft skills, construction principles and creative thinking.
  • Sustainability: The repeated assembly and disassembly of structures without material loss conserves the earth's resources and promotes sustainable practices within the academic community.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The durability and versatility of the Klem system make it an economical solution for designing spaces, as less material is wasted and structures can be reused flexibly.

Assemble, connect, fix!

Tired of complicated panel connectors? Use a different connector for every joint? Are they awkward to use and then just a wobbly affair?

With Klem, you have a single type of connector for different panel thicknesses and angles. All you need is one or two people to lend a hand, an Allen key for each person and a little time for assembly.

You can look forward to amazingly stable and flexible constructions!

How the Klem connector works

Structure of the Klem connector from above
Collage of different panels

Which panels are suitable for your academic furniture?

The Klem connector works with almost all panel materials, as long as they are between 2 and 19 mm thick, stable and resistant to bending. This flexibility is what makes the system so innovative and adaptable.

Use felt-covered panels for acoustically optimized room dividers, cork panels for pinboards, magnetic and writable panels for interactive teaching aids or panels that can be individually pasted and designed to make rooms lively and inviting.

Our guide to board materials and board types provides comprehensive information and practical tips on how to make the most of the Klem system. You will also find panel manufacturers and panel dealers to help you purchase suitable panels.

Our panel guide

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Basic Klem connector set 20pcs.
The original, large Klem connector joins panels with a thickness of 9 to 19 mm at any angle.

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Panel thickness: 08 mm
These innovative silicone inserts are the key element for sturdy panel connections.

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Allen key size 5
A high-quality ball head Allen key makes the assembly of Klem structures much easier.

Klem Mini basic set 20pcs.
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Klem floor leveling unit 20pcs.
The floor leveling unit is indispensable on uneven floors and also protects against damage and soiling.

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Klem caster unit 20pcs.
The special caster lets you create mobile structures that are easy to move and secure.

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Installation examples - a wide range of options for use in universities and colleges

The following examples show you what possibilities you have with our adhesive connector, accessories and all types of panels in your educational institution!

Panels set up in a zig-zag formation, connected with Klem connectors
Partitions arranged in a semicircle
Panels with Klem connectors
Pedestal with glass display case held together by Klem panel connectors
Dodecahedron - sphere made of triangular and pentagonal panels
Column-shaped partition wall, consisting of large and small walls, connected with Klem panel connectors
Seating with panels and Klem panel connectors
Partitions with an X-insert made of Plexiglas
Desk and stool attached with the panel connector
Seating group for the office or meeting rooms
Cone-shaped partitions that widen from bottom to top
Partition wall in column form
Partitions arranged in two semicircles
Group of boys held together as a partition wall with the Klem connector

The Klem connector - endless possibilities!

The video shows an exhibition stand realized with stable panels and Klem connectors - including partitions and showcases. Easy to assemble, transport and reassemble in different configurations. Klem is flexible in many areas and can be used (differently) again and again! 

Let your imagination run wild: partition walls, partitions and room dividers are just the beginning. Platforms, reception counters and seating areas are also possible. And think of showcases, furniture, creative constructions and much more!

Rendering of an exhibition stand realized with the Klem system

Create creative solutions for any type of college, university or academy with Klem

Create adaptable spaces for all types of academic institutions with Klem. From the lively campus of a university, to the practical atmosphere of universities of applied sciences, to the creative workshops of art and music colleges. Technical universities, universities of applied sciences, business schools and specialized institutions such as health colleges also find a flexible design tool in Klem.

The Klem connector enables quick and easy adjustments to the room design in order to respond to the dynamic requirements of teaching, research and student life. Whether for seminar rooms, laboratories, exhibition spaces or retreat areas, Klem offers a robust, versatile solution for innovative learning environments.

Exhibition in the Dominican monastery Koridor with movable walls and Klem lights

Experience what the Klem panel connector can do 

Are you interested in the unique projects that our customers have created in recent years with the Klem connector, Klem luminaires and a wide variety of panels and materials?  

Over 3.5 million Klem connectors have been sold worldwide and the most extraordinary projects have been realized in a wide range of industries. Convince yourself now of the versatility of our panel connector!

Our references

The Klem system - an excellent solution!  

The Klem connector was invented over 50 years ago while studying architecture and has won several awards.

Logo Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Klem panel connector was added to the permanent collection of industrial design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York in 1970.

Logo Staatspreis Design

Austrian State Prize

In 1980, the Klem connection system was awarded the Austrian State Prize. In 1987, the KlemLite halogen light received this prize as well.

Logo Busse-Award

Busse Design Award  

The Klem connector received the Busse Longlife Design Award in 2005. For the high quality of its form, function and ergonomics.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can Klem connectors be used anywhere in our academy?
Yes, Klem connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications, from seminar and lecture rooms to laboratories, libraries and exhibition areas.

Is the assembly of structures with Klem connectors time-consuming?
No, assembly is uncomplicated and quick, as no special tools are required and handling is intuitive.

Are structures with Klem connectors stable enough for use in universities?
Absolutely, Klem connectors ensure a robust and secure connection between the panels and thus guarantee the stability of the structures.

Can Klem connectors also be used to create mobile solutions?
Yes, by using floor rollers and floor gliders, mobile partitions, partition walls and furniture can be easily rearranged and moved.

Which panel materials can be used with the Klem connector?
Klem connectors are compatible with almost all panel materials as long as they are 2 to 19 mm thick, stable and rigid.

Can Klem connectors be reused?
Yes, Klem connectors are designed to be used repeatedly, making them a sustainable solution for changing design needs.

Does Klem also offer interior design advice?
We offer support in choosing the right products and are happy to answer questions on how to make the best use of the Klem system.

Are there special solutions for exhibitions and art projects?
With Klem you can realize flexible solutions for exhibitions and creative projects, including easily adaptable showcases, pedestals and display walls.

Try it out - order the Klem sample box

Klem sample set in a beautiful orange box

Take a look at our sample box and see for yourself how flexible, aesthetic and innovative the Klem connector is, even more than 50 years after its invention!  

Try out the large or small Klem connector and think of the many possible applications in the education sector.

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