Elaborately built exhibition stand of a dental technology company with panels in various shapes, sizes and materials

The exhibition system for trade fairs and stand construction: the innovative Klem connector!

Discover how the Klem connector can transform your trade fair presentation. Beyond conventional concepts, Klem offers a new dimension in stand design - flexible, stable and unique. Realize tailor-made exhibition stands that not only stand out, but also present your brand impressively.

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Do you know this from trade fair construction and stand design?

  1. Do you want to get away from rigid systems and limited design options in exhibition stand design?
  2. Are you reaching your limits when it comes to customizing or expanding your exhibition stands?
  3. Do you have concerns about the stability and safety of your exhibition stand when using lightweight solutions?
  4. Are you looking for a long-lasting solution that works reliably not just for one, but for many trade fairs and remains visually appealing?

Design innovative exhibition stands, displays and presentation areas

With the Klem panel connector, you have unlimited possibilities in exhibition stand construction that go far beyond traditional exhibition stands and displays. Use Klem to redesign your trade fair presentation and put your brand in the spotlight.

The flexible system allows stand builders, designers and companies to create exhibition stands quickly, efficiently and individually. It is ideal for creating unique sales areas, product presentations, counters, meeting points or informative partition walls.

On this page discover specific application examples for the Klem panel connector, which are specially tailored to the needs of trade fair and exhibition stand construction.

Klem is your answer to the increasing demands in modern trade fair construction to create inspiring and effective presentation spaces that not only stand out, but also promote communication with your target groups.

Get to know the Klem panel connector

Assembly example of two Klem panel connectors holding three panels together
Collage of different partitions, built with Klem panel connectors

What is a panel connector?

A panel connector is a versatile construction element that firmly and securely connects panels made of a wide variety of materials. It is a key element in exhibition stand construction for creating structures or defining spaces.

The Klem panel connector is characterized by its simple functionality: By pressing two sturdy clamping jaws together, the panels are securely joined without damage and without drilling holes. This method enables quick assembly and easy handling and makes the Klem an ideal tool for stand builders, designers and companies.

The simple assembly makes the Klem ideal for use in exhibition stand construction. It is reusable, durable and offers a practical solution for flexible stand designs and creative presentations.

Start yor trade fair projekt with Klem!

Customer testimonials from stand builders and stand designers

"The Klem connectors exceeded our expectations. We were able to quickly and easily create themed areas for a large product exhibition that were both stable and visually appealing. Our exhibitors and visitors were impressed."

Laura B.,
Event manager

"I am absolutely thrilled with the Klem connector! It allows me to get really creative and design exhibition stands that put everything else in the shade. Every time I think I've exhausted everything, I'm blown away by a new, crazy idea. It's just brilliant how flexible and imaginative you can be with Klem."

Julia W.,
Stand designer

"The application possibilities of the Klem connector are impressive. We used them for temporary exhibition walls and the assembly was more efficient and problem-free than ever before. I am particularly impressed by the stability of the structures."

Andreas K.,
Manager of an exhibition center

The use of the Klem connector in trade fair concepts and stand design

The Klem connector is most commonly used for the construction of flexible partitions and partition walls. But the connector also shows its strengths in exhibition stand construction. Let yourself be inspired by how the Klem connector can enhance your trade fair presentation!

  • Individual exhibition stands: Klem can be used to create exhibition stands of any shape and size, going far beyond simple partition walls and partitions.
    • The versatility of Klem enables creative constructions such as folded or curved walls, prisms and domes. This allows you to design the spaces you need for your presentations, product exhibitions or meetings - as open presentation areas or closed meeting areas.
    • The Klem connector takes your individual needs into account and implements your ideas in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way. Regardless of whether you are planning a minimalist stand or a complex, eye-catching installation.
  • Displays and showcases: Use the precision and elegance of the Klem connector to construct showcases and display units that put your products or exhibits in the best light. The Klem Mini is particularly suitable for use with fine, thin panels.
  • Platforms and stages: The Klem connector can be used to build platforms or small stages for presentations, lectures or product demonstrations. Thanks to its robustness and flexibility, it can be easily adapted to any presentation concept.
  • Partition walls and room dividers: Klem is predestined for the quick and easy construction of partition walls, movable walls or room dividers within an exhibition stand. Flexible solutions support you in optimally designing rooms, defining different areas within a stand or directing visitor flows.
  • Furniture: The Klem connector opens up new possibilities when designing stand furniture. Tables, benches or shelves can be individually designed and perfectly integrated into the overall look of your exhibition stand. Counters, counters, reception areas and meeting points can also be individually designed and equipped with furniture.
  • Information stands and signage: The quick and easy assembly of information stands or signage is child's play thanks to the use of Klem connectors. Whether flat or three-dimensional structures, they attract the attention of trade fair visitors.
  • Theme stands: The Klem connector enables the realization of theme-specific exhibition stands. Create extraordinary worlds that captivate your visitors. With Klem, you can implement creative ideas without limits and create unforgettable trade fair experiences.
  • Monumental structures and moving art installations: Use the strength of the Klem connector to create impressive, large structures such as pyramids, towers or art installations. Such elements serve as central eye-catchers on your exhibition stand and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.
  • Flexible storage areas: With Klem, you can set up small storage areas in or behind your exhibition stand. Here you can safely store additional products, marketing materials or personal items.
  • Staff areas: Separate areas offer your team rest breaks, meals or simply moments to get together during the trade fair - small oases of calm for a pleasant team atmosphere.
  • Mobile workstations: Use Klem connectors to build mobile workstations that can be flexibly positioned in the exhibition area. Ideal for laptops, product demonstrations, discussions with stand visitors and for spontaneous tasks that require a stable base.
  • Coordination and organization: Use Klem connectors to create organization centers on your stand. Here you can make important documents, schedules or task lists accessible to your team.

Why the Klem system is indispensable in trade fair construction. Six reasons for Klem!

  • Flexibility in design: The Klem system allows panels with thicknesses from 2 to 19 mm to be joined at angles from 90° to 270°. This flexibility and versatility means that individual stand concepts can be implemented quickly and easily - regardless of whether you are designing walls, partition elements or complete stand constructions.
  • Quick and easy assembly: Forget complicated assembly instructions and time-consuming assembly work. With the Klem system, you only need a few hands, an Allen key and a little time to set up your exhibition stand. This not only saves assembly time, but also costs.
  • Aesthetics and design: The Klem connector as a design object has even been included in the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York. It fits seamlessly into any stand design. Its egg-shaped form and high-quality workmanship make it not only a practical but also a visually appealing design element.
  • Individual solutions and expandability: Whether you are planning a small information stand or a large, complex trade fair presentation - the Klem system adapts to your needs. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, such as floor rollers, wall brackets or lighting elements, individual solutions can be easily implemented.
  • Stability and safety: Despite its simple assembly, the Klem system offers exceptional stability. The patented silicone inserts hold the panels securely and firmly in place - even with high visitor numbers and intensive use in the hustle and bustle of a large trade fair.
  • Sustainability through reusability: In times when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the Klem system offers a decisive advantage: the connectors and panels can be used again and again. In this way, you actively contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources.

Assemble, connect, fix!

Tired of complicated panel connectors? Use a different connector for every joint? Cumbersome to use and a wobbly affair in the end?

With Klem, you have a single type of connector for different panel thicknesses and angles. You only need one or two people to lend a hand, an Allen key for each person and a little time for assembly.

Look forward to amazingly stable and flexible constructions!

This is how the Klem connector works

Structure of the Klem connector from above
Collage of different panels

Which panels are suitable for your exhibition stand?

The Klem connector works with almost all panel materials, as long as they are between 2 and 19 mm thick, stable and resistant to bending. This versatility makes our system a revolutionary solution for exhibition stand construction.

Choose high-gloss or reflective panels to attract attention and show your products in the best light. Use translucent materials for impressive lighting effects or printed panels to present your brand effectively. Choosing the right material can make the difference between an average and an outstanding exhibition stand.

Our guide to materials and panel types provides comprehensive information and practical tips. You will also find the addresses of panel manufacturers and dealers from whom you can purchase suitable panels.

Our panel guide

Buy Klem easily in our online store

Basic Klem connector set 20pcs.
The original, large Klem connector joins panels with a thickness of 9 to 19 mm at any angle.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €11.95*

Klem insert set 20pcs.
Panel thickness: 08 mm
These innovative silicone inserts are the key element for sturdy panel connections.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €4.60*

Allen key size 5
A high-quality ball head Allen key makes the assembly of Klem structures much easier.

Klem Mini basic set 20pcs.
The Klem connector’s little brother joins panels and boards with thicknesses from 2 to 8 mm at any angle.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €8.60*

Klem floor leveling unit 20pcs.
The floor leveling unit is indispensable on uneven floors and also protects against damage and soiling.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €18.85*

Klem caster unit 20pcs.
The special caster lets you create mobile structures that are easy to move and secure.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €24.80*


Assembly examples - a wide range of applications in exhibition stand construction

The following examples show you the possibilities that our Klem connector with accessories and matching panels offers when designing your exhibition stand!

Panels set up in a zig-zag formation, connected with Klem connectors
Partitions arranged in a semicircle
Panels with Klem connectors
Pedestal with glass display case held together by Klem panel connectors
Dodecahedron - sphere made of triangular and pentagonal panels
Partition wall as a cuboid with additional partition wall sides at the corners
Seating with panels and Klem panel connectors
Partitions with an X-insert made of Plexiglas
Desk and stool attached with the panel connector
Cone-shaped partitions that widen from bottom to top
Partition wall in column form
Partitions arranged in two semicircles
Seating group for the office or meeting rooms

The Klem connector - made for exhibition stands!

The video shows an exhibition stand realized with stable panels and Klem connectors - including display walls and showcases. Easy to assemble, transport and reassemble in a different configuration. Klem is flexible in trade fair construction and can be used again and again (in different ways)!

Klem was originally developed specifically for the construction of exhibition stands. Even though lightweight construction systems are now predominantly used at trade fairs, the panel connector is still the first choice in many cases!

Rendering of an exhibition stand realized with the Klem system

Klem in trade fair construction: revolutionize your exhibition stand design

The Klem connector transforms exhibition stand construction by enabling customized exhibition stands, innovative stand designs and flexible stand constructions.

With Klem, you can not only create memorable exhibition stand designs, but also effective display structures and display designs. Whether for stand construction, stand design or complex trade fair systems, Klem offers a wide range of display solutions for an impressive trade fair appearance and a targeted trade fair presentation.

A well thought-out trade fair and stand concept is crucial for success at trade fairs. Klem supports you in the optimal implementation of your trade fair design and ensures that your trade fair stand stands out from the crowd. Klem has already impressed at well-known trade fairs such as bauma, Canton Fair, Agritechnica, CEBIT, GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), IAA Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, Hannover Messe, IFA Berlin and Gamescom.

Exhibition in the Dominican monastery Koridor with movable walls and Klem lights

Experience the possibilities of Klem

Be inspired by a variety of unique projects that our customers have realized with the Klem connector, Klem luminaires and a wide range of panels and materials.

Are you ready to discover the versatility and innovative power of the Klem connector for your next exhibition project? Our references are waiting to inspire you and show you what you too can achieve with Klem.

Our references

The Klem system - an excellent solution!

The Klem connector was invented over 50 years ago while studying architecture and has won several awards.

Logo Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Klem panel connector was added to the Permanent collection of industrial design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York in 1970.

Logo Staatspreis Design

Austrian State Prize

In 1980, the Klem connection system was awarded the Austrian State Prize. In 1987, the KlemLite halogen light received this prize as well.

Logo Busse-Award

Busse Design Award

The Klem connector received the Busse Longlife Design Award in 2005. For the high quality of its form, function and ergonomics.

FAQ – Häufig gestellte Fragen

Können Klem-Verbinder überall in unserer Akademie eingesetzt werden?
Ja, Klem-Verbinder sind für eine breite Palette von Anwendungen geeignet, von Seminar- und Vorlesungsräumen bis hin zu Laboren, Bibliotheken und Ausstellungsbereichen.

Ist der Aufbau von Konstruktionen mit Klem-Verbindern zeitaufwendig?
Nein, der Aufbau ist unkompliziert und schnell, da keine speziellen Werkzeuge benötigt werden und die Handhabung intuitiv ist.

Sind Konstruktionen mit Klem-Verbindern stabil genug für den Einsatz in Unis?
Absolut, Klem-Verbinder sorgen für eine robuste und sichere Verbindung zwischen den Platten und gewährleisten so die Stabilität der Konstruktionen.

Können mit Klem-Verbindern auch mobile Lösungen erstellt werden?
Ja, durch den Einsatz von Bodenrollen und Bodengleitern können mobile Stellwände, Trennwände und Möbel leicht umgestaltet und verschoben werden.

Welche Plattenmaterialien lassen sich mit dem Klem-Verbinder nutzen?
Klem-Verbinder sind mit fast allen Plattenmaterialien kompatibel, solange diese eine Dicke von 2 bis 19 mm haben, stabil und biegesteif sind.

Können Klem-Verbinder wiederverwendet werden?
Ja, Klem-Verbinder sind darauf ausgelegt, wiederholt eingesetzt zu werden, was sie zu einer nachhaltigen Lösung für wechselnde Gestaltungsbedürfnisse macht.

Bietet Klem auch Beratung für die Raumgestaltung an?
Wir bieten Unterstützung bei der Auswahl der richtigen Produkte und stehen für Fragen zur optimalen Nutzung des Klem-Systems gerne zur Verfügung.

Gibt es spezielle Lösungen für Ausstellungen und Kunstprojekte?
Mit Klem können Sie flexible Lösungen für Ausstellungen und kreative Projekte realisieren, einschließlich leicht anpassbarer Vitrinen, Podeste und Displaywände.

Give it a try - order the Klem sample set

Klem sample set in a beautiful orange box

Take a look at our sample box and see for yourself how flexible, aesthetic and innovative the Klem connector is, even more than 50 years after its invention!

Try out the large or small Klem connector and think of the many possible applications in exhibition stand construction.

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