Klem-Einsatz zum Verbinden von 20mm-Rohren statt Platten

Klem Duo tube insert 20mm 20-pack

Article No.: 7032.0320
Amount: 20 pieces
Delivery time: 4-6 business days
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs.


Product description

insert set in pack of 20, light grey, interchangeable for use in Klem connectors.

To connect pipes with the Klem connector, you need this pipe insert. It is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 20 mm. If you cut the insert, you can also connect pipes with panels. Or combine pipes with inserts, floor glides or wall brackets.

For the use of pipes from 25 to 27 mm thickness you do not need any use in the classic large Klem connector.

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