Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about the Klem connector

What panels do I need to use?

The stability of your structure depends on the statics of the panel material. The panels must be as resistant to warping as possible, i.e. they must have high bending stiffness. You can connect panels with thicknesses of 6 - 19 mm (Klem) or 2 - 8 mm (Klem Mini). You essentially have free choice of the type of material. Also observe the installation information.

Where can I get suitable panels?

Since the Klem connector is so versatile and any panels and materials can be used, we don't offer any panels ourselves. Look for a supplier of "composite panels" in your area, for example, and consult with them on materials, cutting, etc.

Questions on Klem lights

What is the difference between the three Klem lights?

All 3 Klem lights are high quality high voltage Halogen arm lights. The light head is identical for all models. The difference between the models is only in the bracket:

  • Cielo XL: Disc-shaped pressure plates without screws for mounting to panels.
  • Imago: Screwed-on wall bracket with integrated picture hook for walls, sheeting, and panels.
  • Paneo: Hidden clip bracket which is screwed onto the top of the panel.

Can I only use the lights in conjunction with the Klem connectors?

No! The lights can be used completely independently of the Klem and Klem Mini connectors. Cielo XL and Paneo are designed for use on sheeting or panels. Imago can be screwed onto any wall, sheeting, or panel.

General questions

For who is the Klem system suited?

The possible uses of Klem connectors and Klem lights are practically unlimited: Trade show construction, exhibits, schools, interior design, office systems, design offices. But Klem is also suitable for private use, do it yourself, designers, creative people, and artists.

For who is the Klem system not suited?

In trade show construction in particular, the weight of the panels in comparison to lightweight pop-up systems with fabric walls should be noted. Klem may be a lot more cost-effective than these systems and extremely well suited e.g. for regional exhibits, museums, and retail store setup. However, compact and lightweight pop-up systems have advantages for large structures and long transportation routes, e.g. for worldwide trade shows.

Who else offers Klem products?

There are many suppliers who distribute Klem products and in the end also procure them from us. With us, you get the connector directly from the inventor and can order your material directly in the online shop (coming soon) and have it shipped in short order.

Where do I find trade show builders, set-up companies, interior designers, etc. who use Klem?

Unfortunately we cannot name any companies who work with the Klem system. Ask directly at service providers with whom you would like to work and suggest the use of Klem if applicable - the principle is so simple that no special training, tools, or techniques are required in order to use Klem connectors and lights.

Where is Klem manufactured?

We have the Klem components made in Austria, Germany and Slovakia. This allows us to guarantee consistent quality and good workmanship. Klem is a product designed in Austria and produced in Europe.

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