Klem and Klemetric – where's the difference?

"Klem" and "Klemetric" refer to the same product: our proven Klem panel connector. So call it “Klemetric connector”, “Klem clamp”, “Klemetric Mini” or “Klem Mini” without any worries – it is always our same sophisticated connection system.

The creation of the panel connector dates back to 1969. At that time, Theodor Puschkarski developed the product that he called “Klem” and patented it under the Klem® brand.

Klemetric, the improved Klem connector

Today, a further developed version of the original Klem connector is sold: In 1989, Puschkarski introduced an improved version of the panel connector, which he called "Klemetric".

This further developed panel connector was also patented and registered under the Klemetric® brand. The design of the Klemetric connector corresponds to the products still available today.

Certificate of registration of the Klemetric trademark

What is different with Klemetric?

1. Silicone inserts

The insert sets in the further developed Klemetric connector are connected to each other by a small bridge. This way they remain in the panel connector when opened and are not lost.

2. Metal jaws

The contour of the sturdy metal jaws of the Klemetric connector are slightly egg-shaped and nest-shaped in order to guide the internal duo rollers cleanly. This improves handling, among other things.

3. ZAMAC alloy

Another advancement is the surface of the Klemetric, which has been changed from matt brushed aluminum to matt nickel-plated ZAMAC, which guarantees high-quality and long-lasting quality of the metal jaws.

Now everything is back to Klem

Despite these improvements, in 2009 we returned to our roots and began selling the panel connector under the original brand name "Klem Panel Connector". Although the Klemetric trademark had expired in the meantime, it was re-registered in February 2013 and now is owned by the inventor again.

Overall: Klem is Klemetric – the connector from the inventor. This is the same, patented and technically sophisticated panel connector that will serve you faithfully in many areas of application.

Klem sample set with the Klem connector, insert set, allen key and panels for testing

Experience the unique advantage of the Klemetric system for yourself!

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