Jubilee box

Get to know the full variety of the Klem system. Test the Klem and Klem Mini, sample panels, and more.


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Available immediately, delivery time: 4-6 days

Product number: 7038.3420
Weight: 2.350 kg

The Klem jubilee sample box

We are proud to present our exclusive jubilee box to familiarize you with the variety of the Klem system.

In the heart of this box, you will find both our large Klem connector  and the smaller Klem Mini. Both connectors come with silicone inserts for panels of various thicknesses. The selection of panel samples demonstrates the wide range of possible panel materials and thicknesses.

Contents of the jubilee box in detail

  • Klem connector:
    • 2 Klem metal jaws
    • Insert set, thickness 10 mm
    • 2 panel samples, thickness 10 mm
  • Klem Mini connector:
    • 2 Klem Mini metal jaws
    • Insert set, thickness 6mm
    • 2 panel samples, thickness 6mm
  • Ball head Allen key size 5 and size 3
  • Insert sets for Klem in all 6 sizes
  • Insert sets for Klem Mini in all 4 sizes
  • Insert sets for tube insert in two sizes
  • 10 different panel samples in various materials and thicknesses
  • Premium plastic box for safe transportation and protected storage

Get to know the versatility of the Klem connector

The jubilee box lets you experience the versatility and potential of our Klem system. A specific sample set for the Klem connector  and a sample set for the Klem Mini are also available as alternatives.

The shipping size of the jubilee box is 490 x 310 x 90 mm.