The universal Klem panel connector – flexible and strong!

Klem is used around the world to connect panels of various thicknesses and materials. You will be amazed by the Klem panel connector and the extremely sturdy, flexible structures!

Strenförmiges Regal  gebaut aus quadratischen Platten und Klem-Verbindern

The Klem connector

Flexible. Aesthetic. Innovative.

Connect panels with thicknesses from 2 to 19 mm at any angle from 90° to 270°. As simple as the underlying principle of the Klem connector is, the possibilities it offers are unique!

With Klem, you can realize structures for many fields of application that you can disassemble and reassemble at any time!

  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Universal
  • Educational institutions
  • Fairs
  • Exhibition stand construction

Panel connector definition

Just what is a panel connector?

A panel connector is a versatile structural element used to create a strong, secure connection between panels or boards of various materials.

The Klem panel connector does this by compressing two sturdy clamping jaws. A through bolt between the connector jaws creates an extremely strong connection and permits uncomplicated assembly with outstanding ease of use.

The Klem panel connector forms the actual connecting element between the panels. They are not damaged thanks to the interior silicone elements and, in contrast to other connectors, no holes of any kind have to be drilled. The clamped connection can be released and opened again as often as desired.

Klem is unique

What kinds of connectors are there?

Many other connection systems require different connector types for L-connections, T-connections, and various angles.

Panel connectors such as screw connectors, dowel connectors, surface-mount connectors, and eccentric connectors usually require holes or slots in the panels along with special tools and other accessories for assembly.

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See the possibilities of the Klem panel connector for yourself. Klem provides you with great creative leeway in designing sturdy structures and flexible room systems.