The Klem product line of connectors and accessories

Explore the versatility and variety of Klem. Whether you are an experienced professional or curious beginner, this is where you will find the panel connector and everything else you need to realize your creative ideas. Your design and construction adventure starts with two people, an Allen key, and some time!

Klem connector with insert set

The original Klem (large)

The original Klem connector forms the heart of our product line. It’s perfect for building large structures, such as movable walls, exhibition stand walls, complete furnishings, and shelves.  

The Klem connector is easy to use and harbors great potential for your creativity. Discover innovative ways to interconnect all kinds of panels, tubes, rods, and a wide variety of materials.

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The Klem Mini

The Klem Mini is the “little brother” of our original Klem connector. 2/3 the size of the original, it is ideal for smaller panel thicknesses and more delicate structures such as display cases, works of art, and other sophisticated designs.

Explore unique ways to join smaller panels, thinner tubes, narrower rods and – just like the big Klem – a wide variety of materials using the Klem Mini.

Klem Mini in the online shop

Klem Mini with insert set
Collage of the Klem caster unit

The caster unit

Make your creations mobile with our casters. Ideal for mobile structures that can be rolled away and locked with the holding brake.

  • Height-adjustable to compensate for uneven floors.
  • The holding brake prevents unintentional movement.

Klem caster unit

Klem Mini caster unit

The wall bracket

Stabilize your structures with our especially developed wall brackets. Anchor your structures firmly to the wall.

  • An integrated ball-and-socket joint lets you make small angle adjustments.
  • The wall bracket is firmly attached with two screws and anchors.

Klem wall bracket 

Klem Mini wall bracket

Klem wall bracket for attaching a panel to the wall
Collage of Klem floor leveling unit

The floor leveling unit

Our floor leveling units made of sturdy plastic make sure your panels do not rest directly on the floor. They are continuously adjustable to compensate for height differences.

  • Attach felt to the floor leveling unit to protect delicate flooring.
  • Keeping the panels off the floor avoids soiling them during cleaning.

Klem floor leveling unit 

Klem Mini floor leveling unit

The lights

Illuminate your exhibits with the arm lights developed by us. Robust and functional with timeless elegance, they perfectly complement the Klem product line.

  • The light head with halogen lamp is identical for all 3 lights.
  • Each light is attached to the panels in a different innovative way.

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Two Klem lights
Structure of all parts contained in the Klem jubilee box

Buy the Klem jubilee box

Get our new sample box and see for yourself just how flexible, aesthetic, and innovative the Klem connector is, more than 50 years after it was invented!

Try out the large and small Klem connector and convince yourself of their versatile applications. Various insert sets and several panel samples are included!

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Realize any conceivable project with the product line of Klem panel connectors and matching accessories. Klem is simple to use yet entirely tailored to your special requirements!