The unique functionality of the Klem connector

With its efficient and versatile functionality, our connector makes all your design ideas come to life. Klem provides you with a new dimension of flexibility and versatility. Discover the potential of this small but mighty connector.

Aufbau des Klemverbinders von Oben

Limitless possibilities

The Klem system opens up limitless possibilities. You can seamlessly connect panels of different thicknesses (from 2 to 19 mm) with full flexibility at angles from 90° to 270°. 

Create straight, curved, or folded wall structures. Prisms, cubes, pyramids, domes, or combinations – you alone decide what your structures should look like!

With just a single connector type, Klem also lets you construct cross-connections, T-connections, L-connections, and panel to panel as well as panel to tube connections – even with different material thicknesses.

KLem Verbinder ohne Rollengarnitur von vorne

Sturdy and durable – made of solid metal

The Klem connector’s jaws are made of robust metal (zinc injection molding) with a matte nickel finish – practically indestructible. Even heavy panels are securely held together by the connector.  

Schraube mit Mutter von dem Klem-Verbinder

Strong steel screws for the hold you need

High-quality cap screws and counter-nuts firmly join the front and rear jaws of the connector, ensuring stability. All you need is an Allen key.


Innovative, slip-resistant silicone inserts

The patented silicone inserts positively cling to the panels. This creates stability! They can also be used on glass, delicate materials, and panels with a textured surface.

Anleitung wie man Platten mit dem Klam-Verbinder fixiert

Continuously variable adjustment and easy assembly

The Klem connectors are continuously adjustable and easy to install. Simply loosen the Klem panel connector, slide it onto the panel edge, turn it to the desired angle and tighten the central Allen screw. Done!

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Klem-verbinder mit zwei Platten Sequenz2
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