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Buy the Klem connector, Klem Mini, our lights, and all Klem system accessories right here in the online shop. We are a leading shop for panel connectors and ship from Austria to many countries around the world!

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Our large connector is the number one flexible, sturdy solution for the unique connection of panels with thicknesses of 9 to 19 mm, at any angle.

Buy the Klem connector and matching accessories conveniently in our online shop. Orders are quickly shipped worldwide!

Buy the Klem connector

Reasons to buy the Klem connector

What makes the Klem panel connector so special?

  • Flexible 
    Create sturdy connections between all types of panels with a thickness of 2 to 19 mm using the Klem connector. Unlike other connectors, a single connector type is all you need for angles from 90° to 270° with full flexibility, opening up limitless possibilities.

  • Aesthetic 
    Aside from its technical advantages, the egg-shaped Klem connector made of injection molded aluminum is truly eye-catching. It has won the Austrian State Prize and was included in the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York in 1970 – truly unique!

  • Innovative
    The Klem panel connector was developed more than 50 years ago at the Vienna University of Technology. Its principle with the flexible silicone inserts between sturdy metal jaws was and remains so innovative that patents were filed around the world!

Collage of several Klem products such as the roller element and the wall bracket with panels

Online shop for panel connectors

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You can easily order the universal Klem panel connector in our shop. Our online shop for panel connectors and accessories lets you buy with confidence. You benefit from straightforward order processing and fast, worldwide delivery of the Klem products you buy.

Browse the online store and discover the possibilities of the large and small Klem connector. Buy picture lights matched to the panel connector, with which you can attractively set the scene for your Klem constructions!

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Basic Klem connector set 20pcs.
The original, large Klem connector joins panels with a thickness of 9 to 19 mm at any angle.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €11.95*

Klem insert set 20pcs.
Panel thickness: 10 mm
These innovative silicone inserts are the key element for sturdy panel connections.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €4.60*

Klem caster unit 20pcs.
The special caster lets you create mobile structures that are easy to move and secure.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €24.80*

Klem wall bracket 20pcs.
Use the special Klem wall bracket to firmly anchor your structures to walls, providing stability.

Content: 20 piece | Per piece: €18.85*


Experiences with Klem

Excited customers talk about their purchase

"We were looking for a highly versatile but uncomplicated solution for our exhibition stand. The Klem panel connector was exactly what we needed! Our end result was amazing and attracted lots of attention. Ordering in the online shop was easy and delivery was fast as well."

Tomaso Derutti

"We are always deliberating how to make our exhibitions unique and keep on changing them. The Klem system really impressed us with the flexibility and quality it offers as a gallery, opening up entirely new possibilities! Ordering through the online shop was smooth and the shipment arrived promptly."

Melanie Tremmel

"We bought the Klem panel connectors for exhibitions at our school. They are robust, easy to use, and offer everything we need. All the students are excited to participate, so there is a social aspect as well. Buying in the online shop was easy and delivery was on time."

Karen Watels