Klem. The Panel Connector.

This amazing system lets you create flexible wall systems for trade shows, exhibits, and displays.

The innovative lights.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by these lights designed specifically for Klem.

Flexible. Aesthetical. Simple.

The innovative system of Klem connector and lights opens up for undreamed-of possiblities.

In use by the millions.

The Klem connector is indispens­able all over the world at trade shows, exhibits, and museums.

Klem - Das OriginalKlem® is the patented and superior panel connector. The Klem system of connectors and lights has been a classic at trade shows and exhibits for over 40 years! Go for the original from the inventor.

Klem-Verbinder (groß)


Get to know Klem, the key to exciting, extraordinary, and yet very economical structures.



The high voltage halogen Klem system lights are perfectly matched to and complement the panel connector.

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You can buy Klem Products in our recently launched online shop: Klem Connector, Mini Klem and Klem Lights. Presently available in all countries worldwide with the exception of the USA.

If you are interested in buying our products feel free to contact us directly. We speak English and will be glad to make you an offer!

The inventor

Klem is based on a student project by Theodor Puschkarski – who was an architecture student at the time – which required designing a variable exhibit system.


The over 2 million Klem connectors sold around the world to date are used in trade show booths, showrooms, retail stores, displays, and many other projects.


Feel free to ask us questions about the Klem system. Get into touch or find answers to frequently asked questions. We are the original!